Project Scope :

imsglobal was tasked with the challenge to differentiate and to elevate the Dove Body Wash 1L against the competition both on-shelf and on-line. The challenge was that we could only use a hybrid of the existing global design assets combined with an existing range of ingredients as part of the solution.

In addition to this, we needed to ensure total print consistency across the complete SKU range whilst utilising multiple printers. Additionally, we were required to identify and leverage print efficiencies available to meet the client’s budget requirements.

Our Solution :

Our global studio’s vast experience ensured that we were able to successfully create a hybrid design utilising all the existing brand elements. Combining this with our extensive print experience, were able to use foils instead of inks to clearly elevate the brand’s shelf presence versus competitors.

Within this process, we were able to identify and implement a solution to remove 92 colour stations from 10 SKU’s on both front and back labels. This ensured maximum cost savings and increased speed to market.

It is all about premium results

We were able to streamline the production process by Incorporating colour-managed “test Proofs”. This assisted greatly in solving colour expectations and timing challenges. As colour management was critical to our client, the use of “ink drawdowns” meant we were able to replicate colours on the correct substrate and ensure perfect colour consistency across all SKU’s, whilst still utilising multiple printer partners.

The Digital hero

A range of “hero images” were produced for the client’s e-commerce and m-commerce platforms. It was imperative that the images captured the new special finishes to ensure the brand’s digital presence matched the quality of the new, elevated shelf presence.

In addition to this, we were able to successfully balance the mandatory “hero image rules” best practice without compromising the new hero message from the scope “24hr nourishment” claim.

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