Media presence

In today’s Digital World every organisation needs to have a strong online presence, which provides a positive user experience and where the site is responsive and capable of being viewed across a wide range of mobile devices. It is no longer an effective online strategy to have a website or social media account where there is no activity and no updates. Your prospective customer will soon get bored and move to the next option on their search engine.

iMS has expertise in web development and digital marketing and can assist you in developing suitable strategies to gain the best ROI (Return on Investment) in this critical marketing area.

We can assist with developing an EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) project or review your current Email Marketing Program and report back on the analytics that will determine how many people opened your communication, on what device they viewed it on, where in the world they viewed it and what time they viewed it at and almost any other measurement that will assist you develop better on-line programs for your future success.

We can assist you with your Social Media presence, develop regular feeds onto these sites and maintain a high level of support to ensure you and your products are relevant to search engine performance.

For further information and examples of our work please contact us.