Imsglobal Champions Inclusivity.

Imsglobal is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the NSW Wheelchair Rugby League (NSWWRL), marking a significant stride in supporting the Wheelchair Rugby community and championing inclusivity and diversity in sports.

“We are thrilled to be the Naming Rights Sponsor of the NSW Wheelchair Rugby League.”

“This partnership highlights our commitment to promoting inclusivity and supporting the vibrant community of wheelchair athletes,” said Mark Mahoney, CEO of imsglobal. “We look forward to celebrating the spirit of teamwork, determination, and resilience that defines this league, and we’re honored to be a part of its journey.”
The launch of the 2024 season will take place at Sydney Olympic Park tonight, 15th March at 6:30 pm, hosted at the esteemed Brad Fittler Lounge, a venue synonymous with sporting excellence and community engagement.
This sponsorship reflects imsglobal’s dedication to supporting adaptive sports and providing opportunities for athletes of all abilities to excel in their chosen disciplines. Through this partnership, imsglobal aims to raise awareness about Wheelchair Rugby and promote inclusivity within the broader sporting community.

“We believe in the power of sports to unite communities and inspire individuals to achieve their full potential.”

“By partnering with the NSW Wheelchair Rugby League, we hope to foster a more inclusive and accessible sporting environment where everyone can participate and thrive”, added Mark Mahoney.
Sponsorship opportunities are still available and come in various shapes and sizes. Join this fantastic community by visiting and find out how you can get involved.
For sponsorship inquiries, please contact:
Adj. Professor Dr Jim Taggart, OAM
0418 467 057