Australian food businesses have until the 25th February, 2024, to update current labelling to comply with new Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL) requirements. 

The labelling changes how allergen information is declared and presented. From February 2024 it will no longer be acceptable to specify allergens simply by type, such as ‘tree nuts’, ‘cereal’ or ‘dairy’.

Every ingredient that contains an allergen must now declare it. Dairy products containing milk will now need those ingredients to be identified individually. Previous labelling may have read: Cream, Butter, Whey Powder. With the new PEAL requirements, it will now read Cream (Milk), Butter (Milk), Whey Powder (Milk).

There are many other parameters associated with this change in labelling, and it can be a convoluted and confusing process to manage the process within the multiple levels of change, within a tight time-frame.

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