Are we fickle? Are we easily influenced by bright, shiny things?

Perhaps not.

But we are influenced by brands all the time, on both the virtual and physical shelf. New products, revamped ones, healthy ones, tasty ones, useful ones, and many more.

Getting into the shopping basket can sometimes be as simple as your price point. For other decision makers, the way into their shopping basket, and hopefully to becoming a brand loyalist, is influenced by packaging design, flavour cues, health info, the list goes on.

Managing the communication hierarchy is a science that imsglobal know only too well. The recent drive towards global e-commerce imagery, with simplified, clear messaging, is a proven solution.

Take a look at your packaging and ask yourself, “Is it working?” If it is, great. If not, then speak to one of our sales team or technical experts if you need help, or just some honest advice.

Get the complete package.