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Who we are

Igniting your vision and consumer strategy

iMSGlobal is a mature graphic design, pre-press and artwork production agency. We collaborate with clients, their agencies and print vendors to develop the best possible branding solutions for complete success in retail environments. Addressing every stage of the process from developing supplied strategic brand identity to producing creative, pre-press, colour and print management process. We are passionate about delivering excellence in the execution of design through to physical packaging and print.

Implementing an engaging and high impact consumer brand strategy is an incredibly complex task with enormous potential for error, delays and budget blowouts. We offer our clients a flexible end-to-end bespoke solution that addresses every stage of the branding, packaging and sales activation process. We recognise every client is different and we tailor our services to meet your requirements.

We can help discover, develop and ignite your vision and consumer strategy, and test your communication touch points to make sure they work in the real world. We provide creative solutions to packaging problems in a collaborative, empowering and joint brand guardianship role, ensuring excellent outcomes in the colour management and print process.

We work the way our clients work, by understanding their workflow and processes and adapting ours to match. Our clients depend on access to our ground-breaking workflow software, Llumi, so they can be across every element of their project and get involved in real time and ensuring the outcomes are exactly as visualised.