Design development

Following our Packaging Artwork Process, proofs are generated as a final check before your job is sent to print. There are different options of proofs available, depending on your needs and budget:


Trueproof is the most colour accurate simulation of on press printing currently available in the market. It is printed on the actual substrate using your printers’ machine specifications. Your printer will be able to match the Trueproof with an average 98% accuracy, which can mean no more press side print approvals!


iMSDigiproofs  are printed on actual substrate, to printing machinery specifications, but not as colour accurate as a Trueproof. A Digiproof is a great first look at a design on substrate and will show up initial design issues without the expense of a Trueproof.


The Jetproof is prepared from the final printing files, but is not on the printing substrate. It is much quicker to produce and generally used for small updates to existing artwork, where final colour is not a concern.


Testproofs can be generated whilst the design process is still underway, and is usually used to test areas of concern within a design or to define special colours within the artwork. The Testproof is always printed on actual substrate and to printing machinery specifications.