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Project Description


A large launch of 48 SKU’s across various printers, printing processes and substrates. There were 8 printers involved with this launch. In working with our client and their Designer, colour consistency was a mandatory.


iMSGroup was involved at the early stages of creative enabling them time to work with each of the printers to agree upon fingerprinting and proofing profiles. When concept was approved one key master artwork was supplied per size. From here iMSGroup completed Artwork engineering, rollout of all the remaining sizes and variants and proofing. Colour accurate proofing meant they could be matched on press.


From 10 master files supplied, we were able to save the entire Finished artwork cost of 38 SKU’s, deliver final files and proofs that needed no amendments prior to printing along with proofs that met colour expectation that were reproducible on press.

Project Details