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Touch & feel

Mock-Ups are fantastic for when you need sales samples for a presentation before your commercial volume packaging has been printed. Whether it be for TV advertising production, trade presentations, shelf layouts or even Barcode/MatrixCodes verification, we can offer a mock-up to suit your needs. We have a wide range available.


Printed on the actual substrate, to your printing machinery specifications, a Truepak is the most print accurate mock-up currently available in the market. It can include a range of embellishments such as embossing and varnish effects. Truepak are ideal for trade presentations, advertising production and GS1 verification. In fact whenever you need a real sample of your product, but it has not yet been printed, Truepak mock-ups are for you.


Digipak mock-ups are printed on the correct substrate, and are a more cost effective option. They not quite as colour accurate as a Truepak, however can also include a range of embellishments such as embossing and varnish effects. They are best used for reviewing and exploring design concepts options, trade presentations, market research samples and cost effective short run quantities.


These mock-ups are true for artwork design and size, but not for final colour. They are printed on a thin card and are mostly used to check issues with converting from a flat design to 3D packaging, for reviewing the final artwork design on shelf and preparing shelf layout tests.


Testpak mock-ups are produced on actual substrate, but with no printing and are traditionally used as a blank pack mock-ups to check the structural integrity of your proposed design or to check for shelf height issues in store, among a range of solutions.