Before the Internet was part of our daily routine we shopped in bricks and mortar stores, which we knew as the local corner store. We moved quickly to Super Malls with large anchor supermarkets providing a wide range of goods, requiring the consumer to make their purchasing choice as they wander the aisles.

In recent times we have experienced the disruptive effect of the internet shopper on these traditional retail facilities. The major stores now have an online platform providing an online revenue channel and to retain their loyal consumer.

Moving on however we are very aware of the decision making process that is now taking place using smart phones, laptops and online platforms. In this new connected world we need to be more closely connected to our consumers and customers using these new platforms.

iMS has developed an e-commerce solution that is quick and easy and is a natural extension of the design and artwork process. We merely extend the elements of the design process through to an e-commerce template that you as the client can supply to your internet providers and partners.

We have worked with the online providers to develop technical specifications and templates to ensure success when entering this new promotional space.

Please talk to your local representative about how we can assist you to develop an online presence today.