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Digital Renders

True to life

Rendering is the process of turning your pack and artwork into a 2D computer image with 3D photorealistic effects. This is a much more cost effective technique than product photography. Renders have the added benefit of being complete as soon as artwork is finished, rather than waiting for production of commercial stock.

There are different types of renders available, depending on what you need them for.

Photo Renders look like a photo has been taken of your product. These images are mainly used for product placement in magazines and Point Of Sale Material – POSM.

Rotational Renders are normally produced earlier in the artwork process. We apply an artwork solution to your pack in a program that allows for full 360 degree rotation, so you can view your design pack from all angles. This is great way to give a really good early perspective on how your finished pack will look. We have perfected this process and are proud of some of the rotational renders we have produced for our clients.

Please contact you local iMS office for further information or send us an email with your contact details and will provide you with some samples.