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Digital Asset Management

Secure filing

Over the years since iMS has been established, we have worked with a large number of clients and handled millions of pieces of key assets ranging from photography, digital images, illustrations, logos, brand images etc.

A small number of our clients have developed an archiving process to secure these assets with provision for easy access when required.

iMS is pleased to confirm that we have, a fully operational Digital Asset Management storage solution – AMS, which provides this facility upon request.

iMSGlobal retains images and key assets for a short period of time to support the jobs in process. When jobs are completed these images are archived with limited fast finding procedures and in bulk and without reference to clients on our servers. iMS can provide a dedicated channel and remote access where we will locate all of our partners specific key assets, images etc and make those available under a password controlled mechanism to our partners for easy access.

Contact your local iMS office for more information and a presentation of the solution.

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