Press Approvals

Packaging partner

iMSGlobal provide technical resources across our global platform to engage with local printers on behalf of our client to manage print expectations ensuring visual brand assets outcomes and providing speed to market.

We offer a range of solutions to meet every need and budget.

All of our solutions are global best practice.

During our time spent with the packaging supplier on the print approval we take the opportunity to nurture the relationship between the packaging supplier and our client.

Most importantly, we take responsibility to ensure that the final result meets the marketing teams expectation as iMSGlobal have been involved from concept execution through to conclusion.

iMSGlobal is engaged with a network of almost 1,000 packaging suppliers globally and have a strong technical knowledge of each of their capabilities and capacities.

So whether it’s a label, carton, flexible pouch or high quality shrink sleeve with distortion needs, the team at iMS are here to help. Contact us for further information.